Healthcare Secrets Revealed-Finally  Healthcare Secrets Revealed-Finally
A Prominent Medical Doctor's Practical Advice And Instructions For All Patients To Use, Who Strive For Top Medical Care And Lack The Necessary Information And Strategies Required To Obtain It......"Insider Secrets" All Patients Must Use To Open Doors To The Best Healthcare Available .........Easily And Quickly.....By Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.

How You Find, obtain, use, and lock-into premium medical care!                 Table of Contents  

"In This Book You're About To Learn Healthcare 'Secrets' Most Medical Patients Will Never Discover......How To Instantly Obliterate Or Bypass  Obstacles To Your Personal Health Care Using Practical Proven Strategies Only This Physician Is Willing To Tell You About........
 Advice Not Published Anywhere Else........."

"If you want better healthcare than others are getting and need reliable, easy, quick, and unique methods to insure it, you need an inside track to those tactics from someone who has the inside track......this medical doctor."

"And you thought getting top healthcare was just a pipedream!"

The fact is.......what you don't know about healthcare will cost you over time more money than you make in a year and more time wasted on dead end pursuits of medical care than anyone should ever have to tolerate.

These secrets are not old bogus bits of online medical information everyone has heard or read about a dozen times before. Nor are they old ideas reprinted with new-age wording. 

Everything provided in this highly regarded book is original, ethically sound, and practical........meaning, you've found a gold mine of fantastic healthcare information and strategies which have literally no end to the benefits it can and will provide for you. 

Grab on to these "how to"

Who else has told you how to handle all these things?  Likely Nobody!

Why do you suppose that's true?  Well, you probably are aware of the most common reason.  Physicians just don't take the time to relate this kind of information to patients. Unfortunately, most doctors think you can figure it out by yourself.

This book is a "one of a kind," and opens up a whole new niche in healthcare information. 

Why would you buy such a book?  ......Glad you asked.

     If you are expecting to be bombarded with marketing hype and outrageous offers in this book, you'll be disappointed.  I don't tolerate B.S. or "repaired" healthcare and medical information. 

     The Internet and Media are saturated with outright false or unreliable information.  It makes any physician disgusted at what they see and hear about back-room medical cures, false advertising about what some alternative medications can do for you, and unproven claims about diet and weight loss programs
---just to name a few.

Have you ever been confronted by any of these problems during you ventures through the health care system?

1. How to handle an irritating doctor.

2. How to deal with a nasty medical office staff member.

3. How to find the right doctor for you.

4. How to get more time with the doctor than you do now.

5. How to dump your own doctor, and leave, as friends, and why this is important.

6. How to communicate with your doctor and get results every time.

7. How to save time and money with smart appointment tactics.

8. How to determine the quality and capabilities of your doctor.

9. How to handle your grumpy doctor when it's necessary.

10. How to trust your doctor for the right reasons.

-----Isn't it a good time now to do something about how you're treated?

-----Wouldn't you like to know why doctors do the things they do?

You can't kid me!  I know you're hanging on every sentence and can't wait to get to the next health care benefit this book provides you with.

        These are a few of the problems patients run into while being shuffled through the healthcare system.  And, frankly, I haven't been able to find any legitimate articles or books written by credible authors explaining how to manage any of these dilemmas.  It seems like "no man's land" territory in the public literature and media.

This "Healthcare Secrets Revealed--Finally" book should stimulate you to:'s all in the book!  Invest now!  The price will rise at some uncertain time in the near future as the demand rises.  Invest now.



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       Now you're wondering who this Dr. Graham character is. Is he just blowing smoke at me, or is he credible. Check my credentials and detailed information on my website In addition, I suggest you read some of my articles on various medical topics at A good place to check out my credibility is to login to the number one ranked website on the Internet for self improvement information,, and look around there for me. 

       The powerful impetus to help people is like an addiction to me. Just to think that I have a huge warehouse of medical experience jammed into my brain and have a way to share it with those who can benefit from it is an incredible blessing from God.  I share that thought to excite you to expand on your own talents and expertise that every human soul has........and often is never recognized early enough.

This ebook contains my own sincere personal beliefs concerning health, health care, and all the facets of medical care that shadow us every living moment. I stand by what I write and say.

My Transparency Credo:  

     Even though the core of the health information lies in educating patients, the true focus of every selected segment of this medical information is presented in the light of being a patient advocate.....not just a healthcare advocate. 

      For over 35 years in medical practice I educated my patients about how to improve their healthcare:

  • verbally.

  • with handouts and articles I wrote for them.

  • with video teaching tapes.

  • with written instruction sheets from post operative recovery advice to what's important to improve fertility potential.....which was rarely  done in those days (1970s and 1980s).

***Educating my medical patients was a highly significant factor in obtaining the best and loyal patients, and one which other physicians soon copied locally.

Do you have any idea of how much personal time you waste in your meandering through the health care system?  Want to know how you can save that time and put it to family or productive activity uses that adds to improvement of your life and happiness? 

        You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to do when you make use of all the strategies included in this four volume treatise filled with light bulb moments.  Each gives disciplined advice to fertile minds.  Incredibly, there is no cease fire of teaching you how to keep time by a different clock from cover to cover.   

Can you find an easier way to save money than to avoid being trapped into being a victim of the health care gimmicks being used to extract your hard earned money?

         Such things as avoiding repeated office visits (and co-pay), baby sitter expense, and transportation costs going back and forth should pull the curtain back on the relentless behind the scenes monetary quicksand.

         Is it actually "secrets" I'm revealing, or could it be I'm putting a new face on the chinks of the medicine care delivery system you haven't considered taking advantage of in the past?  And maybe even never
knew about?

       Has any doctor taken the time to tell you what they think about these issues?  They usually take the first off-ramp on the healthcare highway that takes them directly to their goals; and patients have been primed to reluctantly accept what's given.

       If you have an experienced insider guide who can pave the way to top healthcare for you, then taking control of your own healthcare is that much easier.  This book is your guide for now, and a pretext of what's to come next.  Aren't you curious?

What investment are you willing to make for this unique powerhouse of medical care strategies, which will dramatically impact your health for the rest of your life?

          Such a composition, which contains 280 pages of diverse and highly useful healthcare information, can be a drive-by scanner's dreams, or a rich experience for more reflective readers. Because this book whets your appetite for more in-depth introspection, you need to keep in touch with what's coming next.

          Most readers lose their concentration while reading over 70 or so pages at a time. The purposeful division of this book into four sequential areas of strategies and implementation of those strategies, each of about that same length, allows you to learn and digest the health information at a pace compatible with your personal understanding and comprehension. 

Overview of this ebook's benefits:

Healthcare Secrets Revealed--Finally!

Volume 1

Focus: Discover how the health care system forces you to accept substandard medical care and solutions for avoiding substandard care.

Volume 2

Focus: Learn the secrets of communicating with your physicians in ways that will improve your care dramatically.

Volume 3

Focus: Strategies for handling your doctors in ways that capture much more of their time and attention, and which leads to better medical care.

Volume 4

Focus: Finding how your personal healthcare obligations and expectations interfere with the best medical care--and how to correct them.

          Books delivering this quality of health information and benefits are normally in the value retail price
range of $197.
  It's less money than you'll save in the next 2 months seeking medical care while using the strategies and tactics recommended in this book.  And that doesn't even cover the value (if you put a price on that) of all the frustrations you'll avoid using the information.  How much is peace of mind worth?

          Because of my primary mission to provide this healthcare information to as many needful
people as possible, as well as to provide a well deserved upgrade in medical care, I decided to package the ebook by volumes, everything included in one very reasonable and affordable investment.  All the health information is included and no chapters have been left out. 


    Here's my no B.S. guarantee.  You have my personal guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with the book and information in any way your money will be politely returned down to the penny with no questions asked.

       After practicing medicine for over 35 years I know that what I teach you are practical easy fast solutions to many healthcare frustrations and concerns you face over and over. 

       The detailed strategies will produce amazing results for you for as long as you live.  If I'm right, this extraordinary  information will not only help you reach top medical care but also will benefit every member of your family at the same time.

     $197$167$149$99 $47.00 kittens buddies, one paw around the other, perception being that the final purchase price of the healthcare information ebook is discounted as a friend to a friend would do.


The Value You Receive
  Volume 1    value to you=$32
  Volume 2    value to you=$32
  Volume 3    value to you=$32
  Volume 4    value to you=$32
  All Four   WORTH =  $128.00  USD


Everything for only $47


You'll save this amount of money by reading
the first 10 pages of the ebook.



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You have absolutely nothing to lose!

     Thank you kindly (in anticipation of) for ordering my ebook, and having the urgent desire to learn how others have already found top healthcare (medical care)----and leave the doctor's office smiling every single office visit.

Still Undecided?  For those of you who have a strong need to see more details about the contents of the book in order to feel comfortable about investing in healthcare information that you personally need.........

This ebook should be considered a reliable foundation for obtaining  extraordinary healthcare you and your family will benefit from for years to come.
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be disappointed.

It's a valid this book worth $47?  Is the information contained in it worth $47?  Forget about the value of the freebies I'm giving you for a minute, and consider these savings:


     If you expand the savings on all of these by using my strategies for healthcare outlined in the book to 10 or 20 years or more, cost savings to you continue forever because the information works indefinitely. 

     Remember......there are many more cost saving tactics in the book that may very well pay for the cost of the book a hundred times over.  And that doesn't even include the cost savings of your time.  What's the value of your personal time?


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------Isn't this the right time to own a valuable resource for how to defend yourself
and your medical care treatment from any form of new healthcare
law that congress finally enacts and imposes on you in 2013 or soon after?

-------If you feel you have no power to change our healthcare system
wouldn't it be a good thing to at least know how to effectively manage
your own health care with your own doctor? It's all right here....


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P.S.  These are reasons others have purchased "Healthcare Secrets Revealed-Finally":

1.  Patients are aware that their doctors are in such a hurry that they won't take the time to explain everything. Using these strategies patients can significantly increase their time with the
doctor--top healthcare.

2.  Patients understand their increasing need to take on the responsibility for their own health.  Spoon-feeding healthcare providers are a disappearing generation.  Ways to easily accomplish that are detailed in this book.

3.  Patients have memories of how medical technology has improved medical diagnosis and care, but at the same time the delivery of that healthcare is becoming intolerable.  Learning how to avoid the healthcare system barriers and manage the rest of them are featured in the book.

4.  When patients know about and understand the problems in delivery of their healthcare, they are able to grasp the right timing and tactics which lead to top healthcare.  Those issues and solutions are included in the book.

5.  Patients have come to realize their own health education is critical to maintaining and improving their own care.  Discovering the resources for health education which are reliable, understandable, and practical are provided in the book.

6.  Gradual disintegration of the doctor-patient relationship has reached a point that patients lose trust in doctors.  Tactics and strategies for the grass-roots improvement of that interaction are a major part of the book.

"The cause of man's problem is lack of knowledge.  It does not stem from a shortage of information, but rather from rejection of information."         
                       Hosea 4:6

P.P.S. Look again at the unique knowledge you are investing in:

 May your health never be disregarded,


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